Diapers for Dry Bums (UPDATE)

(I've closed the chip in so no more donations may be made). It's difficult to get diapers here and we've gone to a couple different stores already to start collecting them! This is when amazon subscribe and save would come in handy ;) I will use any extra/left over money for pacifiers and diaper rash cream!!!! 

Here is the first picture of the first small batch we bought tonight when I saw the chip in going bananas!

I will look into the possibility of cloth diapers as a donation as well, but this will meet the immediate need! Thank you so much for all of you who donated! You will keep baby bums dry through the winter with your generosity!!!!!!! 

I've mentioned that there is a need here for diapers. Many days the children in Curlie Girlie's groupa do not wear diapers. Instead, they put rubber mats under a crib sheet and change their clothes/sheets when they're soaked. They also put cloths under them when they're sitting at the table. Laundry is cheaper than diapers.

Diapers here cost $15 for a pack of approximately 78 diapers. We have bought a few already and take a stack of diapers to the groupa each day. I'm sure I could find cheaper diapers at home but the costs to get them here would outweigh savings, SO......I'm setting up a chip in, if you'd like to contribute. Please consider donating $15 to buy one pack of diapers. I will set the chip in at $1,000, which is a very lofty goal....but I think if everyone shares the need it is a realistic goal! If we reach that goal, we will be able to provide 67 packs of diapers totalling 5,226 diapers. There are 10 children in Curlie Girlie's gropua (soon to be 9, but surely her bed will be filled as soon as she leaves). If each child uses 6 diapers per day (realistic estimate), these diapers will last almost 3 months for this groupa. The next time a family travels here, we can reassess the diaper need and possibly do another fundraiser! I want to make sure you all know this is a GOOD orphanage, with a director who CARES, doing the best they can with what they have. I trust 100% that the diapers WILL be used for the children there. It makes my heart happy to think these babies will have dry bums thanks to people who care! Maybe you'll consider donating $15 in honor of a family or friend as a Christmas gift this year. I know if someone told me they donated a pack of diapers to an orphanage in lieu of a Christmas gift for me, I'd be THRILLED!

Okay, so here goes....Click on the chip in below, or on the side bar to make your donation! This will NOT be a tax deductible donation. The funds will go to our paypal and we will purchase the diapers once in country. I will post pictures of the diapers we buy to show you where your money is going! Thank you for your love and desire to help where there is a need!


  1. Let me know if I can ship diapers to you can you can take them with you when you return for your final trip. I have hundreds in the garage that I dont need. CVS was selling them for pennies so I filled my car up in hopes to donate them

    1. Today I went to ship an 8 lb package to my son who lives in Latvia. To send it express would have cost $300. and slow way $180.. Needless to say I didn't mail it. It will be cheaper to buy diapers in the country than t sip them. Carol

  2. Trid to donate but it wouldn't let me. Maybe because I'm in the UK. Will try again later :) xxx

  3. Sarah , have you thought of buying cloth diapers?.
    I'm in Spain. Maybe we can figure sth out to ship them to Ukraine .

  4. I think you will reach your goal in no time at all. Curly Girlie and all her roommates deserve dry bums!!! Prayers for your paperwork and that you can all be home soon! I have loved following your journey - I can't wait until we are where you are (you know, except in a different country with a different little girl ;) Thanks for sharing the ups and downs and your beautiful daughter.

  5. Is tomorrow your big Day?

  6. Awesome idea Sarah!! We take those cozy dry bums so for granted here when diapers are always at hand. Thanks for doing this! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

  7. Oh my goodness! I just saw this and was about to donate when I saw it was already closed! That's amazing that you reached the goal so quickly! So happy the babies will get dry bums. :) Thank you for caring! I love reading your posts and look forward to them daily. So happy for you and Curly Girlie!! Praying your paperwork goes through quickly and your court date happens soon!

  8. Thank you for what you are doing! This shows the power of the Internet and how important your blog is.

  9. Oh no, I'm too late to donate! AMAZING success!!! She is precious! SO thankful the papers are on the way!

  10. Let's hear it for dry bums! Thankful for all those that donated, while we take so many things for granted here in the US, time to pay it forward. :)


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