Gotcha Day Details!

Today surely did not disappoint! It was, without doubt, the most amazing Christmas I've celebrated in my 30 years! It is amazing that we were able to begin Sofia's new life with her on the anniversary of Jesus' birthday! We ran around collecting paperwork this morning (court decree and new birth certificate), stopped at the store to buy some more diapers and a few essential items, came back to the apartment for lunch and then took a taxi to spring Sofia from the orphanage. We gave more diapers from the money that was donated and gifts of clothes, pacifiers, and bibs. 

We spent just about two hours was the longest gotcha day in history, but I'm so thankful for that extra long time to spend in Sofia's groupa! She was very sleepy as it was nap time, but I could tell she definitely remembered me! Looking at some of those babies for the last time was really tough, but looking at Sofia was so incredible at the same time. 

Putting on the new clothes never gets old. That act is such a symbol of the new life ahead of her! The time went by in slow motion and I truly feel I was able to breathe in each and every moment of the time we spent there. I don't ever want to forget today. I don't want to forget how amazing it felt walking out with my new daughter and what this opportunity means to her and us, but I don't want to forget those faces we left behind, either. It is very bittersweet! 

As we rode home in the taxi, it all just felt so surreal! I looked at my brother and said, "this is the part that never seems real!" I looked back imagining in my head all the hurdles we jumped over to get to where we were in that moment. I squeezed my eyes closed tight and thanked the Lord for this day and this most amazing gift!
Gotcha Day Ensemble! 

Getting dressed in her new clothes! 

This picture breaks my heart....that little guy has a very special place in my heart! 

She's waving "paka paka" (bye bye)

Some of the nannies that work in Sofia's groupa

The nanny set up all the Christmas items they had for a photo op! LOL 

Little stinker kept pulling the hat off and laughing :) 

They asked if I would feed her there one last time...

She cried when it was gone and I told her there's plenty more waiting for her once we got home! 

The nanny then said we should let her belly settle before leaving (I think she just didn't want to see her go <3)

So we sat on the couch and played and got to love on a few of the other babies. 

Just like Mila, she loves Uncle Bub's beard! 

Getting ready to leave FOREVER! 

Love this picture! 
So tough...I went to take a picture of Sofia's crib and realized hers was the only empty crib :( All the others are filled and hers will likely be filled within a week. 

Out like a light while we waited for the taxi! 


She stayed asleep the whole taxi ride and then kept sleeping for about another 15 minutes! 
I will blog more when I'm not so tired...but a certain angel has been asleep for a couple of hours already and I'm not sure if she'll sleep through the night so I better try to get some rest! If we are able to finish all the paperwork here in region tomorrow then tomorrow at 5pm we will board the (15 hour!!! yuck) train back to the capital to complete embassy paperwork there before coming home (hopefully this weekend!). I want to share more about our journey to Sofia and about her first evening with her mama...and I will....soon!

Goodnight and Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Awww Merry Christmas and Happy Gotcha Day. Thank you so much for taking the time to post. I'm sure you are so busy and tired but its so awesome to be part of your adventure. God bless you all in your travels to the Capital.

  2. Oh that picture of the little one peering over the crib edge broke my heart. It was a look of "me next?" "or whatcha doing?".

    Gotcha day never seemed sweeter than walking out on Jesus birthday with your little one.

    :) xoxo

  3. Congratulations! What wonderful words and pictures on a Christmas night!

  4. So excited for you all and praising God for the many answers to prayer. What a story God is writing in your lives.

  5. Sarah, Thank you for sharing such a special day with us. We have been waiting all day to hear how things went and by the pictures we all know. We look forward to more posts when you have time, but first must come rest for you and Sofia. Carol

  6. Merry Christmas to all of you.

  7. Just woke up and checked for an update, hehe.
    Love the outfit you chose for Sofia. She looks soooo beautiful!!.
    The photo with the baby looking while Sofia is dressed up tore my heart out.
    When you're back home maybe we can figure out how to ship cloth diapers for those babies...

  8. Congratulations... I was thinking you were traveling by yourself, but then I see Uncle Bub.....well, I don't know Uncle Bub...but, in my opinion he is one great uncle..stepping in and traveling with you. Tell him I love seeing family member step right in and showing their support.

  9. Ecstatic doesn't even begin to express what I am feeling for you right now!! I can only imagine Shawn at home just dying to see his precious Sofia again!!! MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY GOTCHA DAY TO YOU ALL!!!! ((((BIG HUGS))))!!!!

  10. Merry Christmas indeed! I can't wait to hear about what Sofia did when she woke up! I hope you got some rest Mama because when you get home you will have THREE little girls keeping you on your toes!!!!

  11. It is so nice to see she is going home. It was hard to see all those cribs and know children haven't found their home. Congradulations to both of you and I cannot wait to see the pics when you all get home with your angels.

  12. Merry Christmas to your beautiful family. Curly Girly has a forever family!! A Christmas you will never forget. God Bless and safe travels.

  13. So beautiful. I love seeing this!!!!!

  14. Happy Gotcha day! The pic of the little peeking over the edge of the crib while Sofia was getting dressed broke my heart. Bless them all, may they find families soon.

  15. Amazing...I'm so happy for Sofia. And you! Have a safe trip home!


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