Joyful Girl!

Our sweet daughter is so full of JOY! It is unreal! The difference we've seen already after only 3 visits is astonishing! I just love her to pieces already and she makes me laugh so hard! She and Mila are both class clowns so I think our house will be pretty funny! Zoya will be highly entertained!

For this morning's visit we took her outside, but only after they bundled her so heavily that she couldn't even move! Her snowsuit was lined with fur and 3 sizes too big, it was the cutest thing ever, but she was sweating so bad and fell asleep so we only stayed outside for about 15 minutes before heading in to play.

She was much more active and playful today! She can crawl and pull up to her knees on furniture when she sees something she wants. She made some "dada" and "baba" sounds today, but mostly very happy yelling! It is the cutest thing ever!!! When it was time to take her back she got very quiet and held tight as we made the walk down the long hallway. She looked at me with the saddest puppy dog eyes ever and I just wanted so badly to take her and run!!!!!!!!!

Too hot to stay awake! 

Angel face! 

My sweet girl I am your mama and you will never be alone again! 

Funny girl!!!!

She was doing her happy yell/growl's hysterical! 

She LOVES these beads, just like her sisters!!


She is so curious! And active!


Mila does this with her hands too when she is really excited!!! 

Sweet, joyful girl! You've been found forever!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh my word - she is adorable! You can see the joy on her face. What a blessing!!

  2. I've just been looking at all these beautiful pictures over and over again! This new daughter of yours is so perfectly made to fit right into your family...God is AWESOME!! I am in love with her from across the world!! It's almost impossible to even think of all the joy (and maybe a little bedlam!) that is going to be in your household when all 5 of you are together!! Thank you for sharing so many are blessing us too!!! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

  3. Your daughter looks so happy and healthy and sweet. She seems to hsve been well taken care of and loved looks clean and well dressed and well loved which is a blessing.

    Praying for your sweet child.

  4. I swear she is changing already because she clearly feels the love from her new Mommy and Daddy!
    The second to last picture is totally my favorite so far:) She is so very precious!!

    Susan from Boston

  5. I can't get over how lucky you guys are!! She looks like she has been a part of your family forever. I even think she looks like the girls, call me crazy! Thi sis only the first trip correct? You have to go back again for gotcha day?

  6. What a DELIGHT she is!! As you said, it is amazing the difference in her already--she obviously KNOWS she is loved and wanted from this day forth! I have a feeling you and Shawn are going to have your hands full when you get this sweet blessing home--but JOYFULLY so I'm sure!!

  7. She is adorable. You are blessed and so is she. Will you have her home by Christmas? Oh, I hope so! What fun with three little angels to share the joy of Christmas with. Thanks for keeping us updated with all the precious pics.

  8. Curly Girly looks so beautiful in pink and clothes that fit her age. What a bundle of joy and fun. When wll you be bringing her home to the US. Carol

  9. The photos are hysterical, sweet, uplifting and just plain joyful.

    She is adorable in the outfits. Although the snowsuit that she is swimming in is funny to see her so bundled up, no big shock by now but always makes me giggle every time I see it.


  10. She is just beautiful!!! What a treasure!
    Sunnie in NC

  11. Wow! What a cutie!! Love those happy smiles!!


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