This week, Reece's Rainbow has a HUGE opportunity to raise LOTS of money for waiting orphans with Down Syndrome! It is well known that orphans are more likely to find families if their grants are higher! Please check out 
as they've chosen to feature Reece's Rainbow this week! I think this is a fabulous idea for late Christmas gifts if you're like me and waited until the last minute!! Make sure you check out the video too, you might recognize some of those people ;) If you can't buy a shirt, please share via facebook, blog, email, and twitter! 


  1. This is day 4 without you being with Sofia, how are you doing? When do you go bring her home to her sisters? Carol

  2. Can't wait to hear when you will be bringing Sofia home to her forever home. I know her face will light up when she sees you walking into her room at the orphanage. Hopefully you will be able to record it. That will be the last time she will be apart from her family again. Hope you have been preparing the house for her arrival as she for sure be a live wire. Is there anything that you will need for her that your followers can give you, ie gift cards etc. I know a gift card to Ruby Tuesdays....Your followers check everyday for updates. Carol


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