Snow and Ham

Weird title, right? I wasn't sure which would be more interesting, the fact that we had our first snow today (and a lot of it) or what I have named, "The Great Ham Incident-2012."

Without going into detail, I'll just say

1.) I should have known by the size of her belly that something wasn't sitting right
2.) When did they feed her chunks of HAM!???!!!
3.) Good thing it was laundry night!
4.) I think "The Great Ham Incident-2012" should automatically qualify me as Curlie Girlie's mama, and that we should clearly just be able to bypass court.

It's a good thing I love this girl! After the little event, Shawn says, "So does this mean we'll never go to Ruby Tuesdays again?" (Zoya's favorite place to eat and she loves the ham chunks in the salad bar). That's all he could say?!?!! Ahhh, clothes are now drying for the next 2 days because that's how long clothes take to dry hanging over a chair. No worries, as much as I like to take pictures, there is absolutely no picture evidence of this incident! You can thank Shawn for that because he was too busy laughing to take pictures (and too busy laughing to give me any assistance at all with, say, a baby wipe or full size bath towel which might have made clean up a little easier).

She was mesmerized watching the huge snowflakes fall from the sky! 

We're thankful we got to witness her first snow together! 

Looking out the window with Daddy. I look forward to all the new experiences we will have with her! 

I'd be surprised if she needs glasses. She finds every little hole, spec, and piece of dirt on the floor! She loved the hole in Shawn's jeans! 

Practicing her tennis swing! 

Pre-ham incident....check out the size of that belly! I should have known, I should have known! 

She LOVES chasing this little ball. Every time we get it out she throws it, follows it, throws it again, and keeps going until she has crawled onto the hard floor where it rolls fast. She LOVES to throw the ball back and forth and watch it roll! I think she and Mila will have some fun games of "hall ball" in their futures! (All while Zoya stands there shaking her finger saying "no no no!"

Hi, Mom! 

Being silly with Dada! 

No more pictures!!

LOVE those curls! 

So many expressions! 

Love her so much already! 

She was all about kissing her mama tonight, I figured since the ham incident was over 8 hours before, we should be good! 

Laughing so hard it looks like she is crying!! 

This was so funny! She started pouting with this new whine we had never heard and I called her a faker!

So she pulled THIS out!!! I said, "You don't fool me, I've got your number!" 

And she immediately stopped and made this sly face ;) We are pretty sure she has been attending some acting classes at the orphanage! 

Please, please, please keep praying for our documents to be signed so we can have court on Thursday! If court happens Thursday, Shawn and I will arrive home Saturday evening. I'll be home for about a week and then I'll return with my brother (Uncle Bub) if all goes as planned! Shawn will stay home to work and love on the girls at home and prepare them for their new sister! We are so close, yet so far! We really can't wait to wake up in our home with all 3 girls under the same roof! Thank you for all your prayers, and for your comments...we read each and every single one of them, even if we don't always leave comments back! 


  1. Your little curly sweetheart is unbelievably cute! :) Her pictures make me smile every time.
    Call me crazy but I think she looks just like Shawn!
    Hoping for you that all goes well with the documents, so you can all be together soon!

    Natalie G

  2. Oh precious little glad I am that you knew the love of your mama when you had your ham incident!!! There is nothing like a mama (AND a laughing Dada) to make it all better!! Praying SO hard for Thursday!! (((BIG BIG HUGS)))!!!

  3. Your posts totally make my day! That cutie pie has sooooooooooo much personality! She has such a bright, happy, smiley countenance-- she truly reflects God's love. I am so excited for her to get to meet her sisters-- so much pure joy bottled up in one family:) My family will continue praying for your documents to get signed and arrive on time for court! Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey with the rest of us.

  4. Loved that title--and thanks to Shawn for being too busy laughing to take photos of the "ham incident". I don't think my stomach would have done too well with that--lol!!
    Curlie Girlie is a sweetheart--she's got some Mila expressions for sure! Sweet Zoya is going to be kept busy with those two lol. Praying court happens on Thursday and things go smoothly. It amazes me (but not really because I know Who is responsible) how at ease your sweet angel baby is with her mama and daddy already! And I agree, Sarah, after the ham incident I think you should be done with any "technicalities" lol!

  5. Continued prayers! Gosh she is just so adorable!

  6. I just love reading about your journey. I cannot wait for you both to have your whole family as one. What a wonderful story.

  7. Love reading your story and seeing pictures! Praying for you guys!

  8. I'm praying! I absolutely love every post! You two are blessed with the cutest little girls!!!! These pictures are so so sweet. Hope your clothes dry fast! :)

  9. That WAS a huge stomach, my word. Glad things are back to normal now. :)

  10. What a blessing she is, love watching her bond with you and she looks happier and happier each day. Before you know it all three girls will be home safe and sound with you and life with be an even bigger adventure. You are so blessed!

  11. My prayers are with all of you as you travel! Can't wait for you to have your whole family under one roof. Sorry I missed your email.

  12. Fake pouting, what a little ham! Sorry, had to put that pun in there. :-)
    So excited for y'all! I know you're getting tired, but hang in there!

  13. She's sooooo cute! :)
    Praying that everything goes smoothly and that you will be home by christmas!

  14. Praying that your court date will happen on Thursday. Can't wait to see the other girls reaction to this precious girl. She is going to be such a fun addition to your home. What JOY! I am so thankful to God in heaven for people like you who are both willing and able to rescue these precious babies. God Bless your journey!

  15. You seriously have a knack for adopting the cutest stinkin kids! She is honestly so cute I can hardly stand it! ;-)

  16. Gosh we still had kind of your ham-accidents just two months ago, in a 5 yr old girl not potty trained ... was not fun at all really..... i also kind of had a blow out at the orphanage while visitng our girl... i was puking! sorry it took me a while to get used to other 'smells' lol

  17. Your curly girlie is SO cute! Sorry about the ham incident. YUCK! Oh and I wanted to tell you that your shoes are ADORABLE! I definitely need to find a pair of those for myself. :) Praying for your family to have 5 under one roof soon!


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