Diaper Follow Up

I've been meaning to write a post and let you all know about how the diaper fundraiser ended up! When my brother and I went back for the second trip we were able to get another $250 worth of diapers for the orphanage! Since our trip was so fast we were not able to spend the entire $1,000 raised, so we will be sending that money with another family who is travelling to this orphanage to buy the remainder of the diapers. Total, we were able to purchase $500 worth of diapers for the orphanage! I will ask this family to take pictures so we can update with more photos! We had to work a lot harder there than here to get that many diapers!!! Each store only stocks so many and so we did lots of walking (or jogging LOL) to different stores to get the diapers they had, take them back to the apartment, and go out for more! We also took a ton of 3-12 month sleepers and pacifiers to donate as well. I loved seeing the nannies oooh and aah over the clothes as they pulled them out of the bag to check them out!

You'll be happy to know that when we went back we only saw one wet baby! I'm hoping maybe the baby just had a leaky diaper on, instead of no diaper at all, but I'm not sure. I can tell you that every other baby in Sofia's old groupa was dry!!! It was so exciting to see dry babies instead of babies soaked in urine. Please know that your donation has made a difference and hopefully the babies will continue to have dry bums!

Here is Uncle Bub helping with a trip of diaper! We did get quite a few stares on our diaper trips! 


  1. Such a blessing! Thank you for helping this need to be met!!!

  2. What a good sport Bub is collecting diapers for little bums.Carol

  3. Dry bums are definitely a blessing! So excited that another family will be going to continue the dry bum campaign.


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