Last Days in Ukraine-A Sick Babe

We did get to do some sight seeing in Kiev as we had an amazingly sunny and warm-ish day! 

When we took Sofia out of the orphanage she was a little congested. It didn't phase me much because she has been congested since we met her. She did develop a nasty cough though that we noticed the first day we saw her and took her out of the orphanage. She had green gunky eyes and nose too that only seemed to be getting worse. I figured it was viral and she'd be feeling better once we were home and she was able to rest and eat some nutritious food. I got a little concerned when the first bottle I fed her literally went straight through her and she peed it all out as she was still drinking it. I remember this with Zoya and chalked it up to her being dehydrated (she didn't receive many fluids in the orphanage).  Because of this, I upped her fluid intake and she sucked down the bottles like she had been in a desert for months. It was too much too fast for her body to handle and she started throwing up. So we scaled back and gave her a 3-4 ounce bottle every few hours. I felt bad because she was so thirsty but that's all her body could handle without getting sick. Her urine smelled very badly, which can be a sign of dehydration, but I was keeping an eye on it because the smell reminded me exactly of when Mila had her really bad UTI. Sure enough on our 2nd day in Kiev she spiked a fever and was seeming pretty miserable. I started to get more and more concerned as she hadn't urinated in over 12 hours despite all the fluids I was giving her. I kept checking her diaper and it was bone dry. I had just checked it and it was dry, then she let out a huge wailing cry and I checked again and her diaper was wet, so I'm confident it was a UTI...poor bug! 

I had an antibiotic with me (for me if needed) and after talking with a Doctor at home decided to start her on that until we could get home and get a better one prescribed that would cover all the bases. She's been on the new antibiotic for 5 days and her fever is completely gone, the horrid strong odor of her urine is gone and she just has the cough lagging behind now, which is probably viral. She has an appointment tomorrow with her pediatrician to make sure we're on the right path to healing! She is eating much better which makes me feel good to know she is getting good nutritious food. Her skin and hair were so rough and dry and I can already see a difference as they are becoming softer and shinier! 
I created this little "crib" for her...but she only lasted about an hour there before snuggling with me in bed! 

Taking a nap, trying to feel better! 

Tuckered out (but aren't her socks cute?) 

The face of an angel! 


  1. Sweet baby girl!! Glad she's feeling better now!

  2. Poor little thing. I am so glad she has you to take care of her now. She will never have to be sick and not have a Mommy to take extra special care of her again!

  3. It's comforting to know that Sofia had her mommy to take care of her while she was so sick. Even though it was difficult for all of you, I imagine it sealed your bond even more quickly! I still want my momma when I don't feel good and she's been gone a long time! Glad things are better now!!! ((((BIG HUGS)))!!!

  4. Sofia is just darling! Gotta LOVE that photo of her sleeping on you during naptime... falling asleep in the arms of her mama must have been so special to both of you! I pray that ALL orphans will find families and be able to know that feeling! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Waiting to hear more about the three sweeties and their interactions! Your blog is addictive, exciting and so full of hope!


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