Sofia's Homecoming

Uncle Niko and I getting ready to say goodbye :( 

Have passport and visa, will travel! 

In Kiev waiting to board our flight! 

Can I just tell you this little innocent face was full of gas while we were waiting in line? And dontcha know she let one rip just as I bent over to get something out of the bag. Bub and I laughed so hard like 5th graders, but Miss Priss behind us wasn't as amused. I still laugh thinking about that!

Lots of Puffs helped divert lots of problems! 
This is how we felt after too much travel! 
So so tired and sick :( 
I can't keep my eyes open mama! (Notice the outfit change.....there was seriously NO pull down changing table on the plane...THAT was something I suggest everyone try once in their lives!! NOT!)

Okay, I give up!

This was taken when our flight into Buffalo was delayed. 

Our trip home went fairly smoothly. It's just REALLY exhausting making that trek across the ocean with a little person who has just been sprung from an orphanage! She did really well, despite being sick, and slept a bit on all 3 flights. Our flight leaving Ukraine was late so we literally had only about 40 minutes to get through Frankfurt. We sprinted the entire way...Bub carrying the bags and me carrying Sofia. We were dripping with sweat and made it to the gate completely out of breath with calves burning. We ran up with our tickets and they told us to get into another line to "answer some security questions." Seriously?!?!?! We made it onto the flight and pretty much closed the gate! When we got to D.C. we had the best of luck with an awesome immigration officer who didn't make us go to secondary inspection...our bags were the first few out and we were to our gate in record time (we were worried because we had under 2 hours there). Then our last flight into Buffalo was delayed a half hour, then an hour and a half. We were purely exhausted by that point! We did finally make it into Buffalo and home to our house around 3am.

Reunited and it feels so good! ;) 

I'm working on Sofia's adoption video (okay that's a lie-unless you count "working on it in my head")...I can't promise it will be done any time soon, but it will have the video of our homecoming (along with the gotcha day videos and rest of the adoption!).

Soundly sleeping in her new bed in her forever home! 
I will back post about our last days in country and about Sofia meeting her sisters! 


  1. Sarah, when I look at the picture of the three girls in their Christmas outfits and how happy you and your husband look at the airport I wish all the young families like yours were aware of these children and would treasure them like you have. Your family is so beautiful and it brings tears to my eyes to see the girls together. I wish every couple in the U.S. knew of these children and the joy they bring.

    Sue H.

  2. The pictures of her seeing her dad again are great.We love your humor. One can tell she was sick just from her eyes. Now that she is home safe and sound, she can get lots of rest,love and nutritious food,she will really blossom, so Sarah and Shawn watch out.Loved your Christmas picture. Carol

  3. I was tired just thinking about that trip home! I feel the blessing of that crib when I look at that sweet baby sleeping so peacefully!!! (((HUGS)))!!!

  4. How much did Sofia weigh when she was in the orphanage and what is she now? What is her birthdate? Her 1st birthday party with her family will be a joy to see. What was her expression when she saw her daddy at the airport? Let's hope her memories of life in the orphanage will be soon be gone from her mind as she is replacing them with memories of her loving family. Just think of all the new adventures she has had the past 6 weeks, she is a real trooper. Carol


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