Sofia's Personality

If I could only use 3 words to describe Sofia's personality, they would be:

2.) Resilient
3.) Clever

This fearless thing has already taken about 10 years off my life!!!! She is such a risk taker gross-motor wise and I can't take my eyes off of her for a second! She climbs on everything and likes her belly to be the point of contact on a raised surface and have her arms and legs hanging off. Zoya and Mila were/are so cautious gross-motor wise so this is going to take some getting used to! She is pulling to stand on everything, and she is loving her new found freedom! Some of the nicknames she has earned (in addition to Curlie Girlie) are: The Boss, Daredevil, The Destroyer, Peacock (she is LOUD!!), Fearless Leader, Firecracker, Wild get the picture. Seriously, this child is SO FULL OF LIFE!!!!!!!! She doesn't let anything get in her way! I keep wondering how this BIG personality will be channeled as she gets older....hehehe, don't tell me, I'd rather just wait and see ;)

I tell ya, this child terrifies me! See....

Oh wait, that's the wrong picture....still terrifying though, right? Screaming baby with a (play) knife? LOL!!

This child gives me heart palpitations! 

Look at her foot pushing off the chair! I had to catch her!
Always moving! 

Most of the time I think this girl has barely missed a beat spending her first 15 months in the orphanage! She is SO resilient!  
This picture makes me laugh so hard! So telling of their personalities! Can you tell who the "good" student is? LOL!
 P.S. the cute desks were a gift from Uncle Bub and Aunt Corrine! 
I wish I had more pictures of this dare devil, but I can hardly ever grab the camera since I'm busy trying to save her from accidents!!!!

There is just something so different about this girlie! She has a wild, and very resilient spirit about her! And she is just so clever! She recently taught herself to drink from a straw cup (so thankful because I know what a lengthy and difficult process teaching kiddos to drink from a straw CAN be!)! She also figured out how to get the batteries out of one of the toys...the back was attached with screws....yikes and still trying to figure out how she did that! So yes, very clever indeed!

We are head over heels in love with our bundle of energy!!! I look at her spirit and am so thankful she gets to share it with her family and with the world instead of sharing it with the four walls of her orphanage room!


  1. Sofia the Conqueror. I just have to laugh when I read your posts and see the photos of what Sofia is up to.In just a couple of weeks she has come out of her shell of being a quiet orphan baby to being a live wire. She is making up for lost time. It would have been such a shame if she would have had to live cooped up in the orphanage for any longer than she did.
    Sleep well, as I am sure when she sleeps she plots what she can get into when awake.Carol

  2. My son is 15 months and just as every bit as ornery and has to be watched like a HAWK! I know the fear you speak of, LOL! She is so blessed!!! Hard to even know she was an orphan by that spunk!!!

  3. That first pic is absoLUTEly AWESOME. lol Your girls look like true sisters, so wonderful!

  4. Sarah - Great photos! The pictures are worth a thousand words. Little Sofia know she is safe and can freely express herself without any harsh spankings. She is making up for lost time, so to speak. I can "hear" her little giggles through the photos and saying to herself "This is only a test, Mama and Papa". I love reading your blog (stumbled onto it through Reece's Rainbow when you were adopting Sofia) and have been reading on how Zoya and Mila came to your family. Three beautiful girls each with her definite personality. The Lord is amazing, isn't He?

  5. Love this girl!!! She is such a spitfire. She's gonna give slothbaby a run for her money, huh?

  6. HAHAHA!!! Sofia truly seems to be an adventure in and of herself!! The joy just radiates from her pics!! Perhaps she used her knife wielding skills to unscrew the battery compartment?? LOL! That how's WE do it!!! Sorry...but it just made me chuckle!! I hope she's at least a great sleeper! You're going to need your rest! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

  7. I cracked up reading your post! Sofia sure isn't wasting a MOMENT of her newfound freedom lol! I'm soooo GLAD she now has her family to love on her and celebrate all her new discoveries! (Even if it creates a few heart palpitations in the process lol!)

  8. The "baby" of the family is usually the dare devil. Love that Mila is looking at her like what is your problem sister.

  9. With all Sofia's energy and spunk I wonder how she would have existed in the orphanage if you hadn't "sprung" her when you did. She certainly would have been a handful and I doubt that the staff would have appreciated her. Just think how she has changed in two weeks. Do you send photos and emails to the orphanage so they can see how she is doing? I am sure the staff would love to have follow up on their former "charges".
    How is her eating coming along? Carol

  10. Good thing she is so darn cute! I think trouble may just come along for the ride with her! LOL

  11. She is just the same as my daughter that I adopted from Russia. Finally I had to "let go" of being scared so much and just provide as safe of a environment as possible. It is the outings that are so scarry.


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