Sofia's 2 Month Home Update!

I missed posting on the two month mark of having Sofia home. We've been super busy...better late than never!

Overall, Sofia is doing excellent! Out of all 3 of the girls her transition has been the easiest. That does not mean it has been without bumps, but overall, we're thankful for how seamlessly she has transitioned. Her food "issues" that I posted a lot about have almost become non existent! On occasion she will fuss if someone else is eating and she isn't, but 95% of the time she is perfectly happy playing if one of the other two girls starts lunch before her! She has started turning down food and even throwing it to the dog who happily waits below her high chair!!

She shows a FULL RANGE of emotions from happy to silly to sad to angry! She is very quick to turn on the tears if she is told no or doesn't get what she wants :) She has a hard time modulating her emotions, which we remember well from Zoya! If we are playing and giving her lots of attention and she's laughing and having fun, when the game and/or attention stops she bursts into tears. She has some trouble recovering when she becomes hurt or sad or angry. We are trying to give her enough support to help her get back to "content" when this happens, and recently, she has been able to do this with less support from us. I think for some of these kiddos who've never felt such a strong range of emotions before, it can be very confusing when they feel such extremes and don't know how to turn it off. We continue to remind ourselves that her emotional age doesn't match her real age or her developmental age. If we think of her emotionally as her "family age" (how long she's been with our family) it helps us to remember how to help her emotionally (treat her like a 3 month old emotionally).

Bonding is going REALLY well...she has bonded with us more quickly than I remember the other girls bonding. Lately she has a healthy fear of strangers and if people reach out to hold her she will cling to us and shy away. Sometimes she will even cry when strangers are interacting with her. For example, she was getting fitted for her sure step orthotics and she did not like the man that was measuring her feet. Every time he'd wheel back toward us to take another measurement she tried to dive away from him! If we have company over she is very quiet and observant for the first hour or so before she opens up and shows her true colors. Tonight we took Mila out for her birthday and Uncle Mike and Aunt Carol stayed with Zoya and Sofia. This was the first time we've left Sofia for longer than about 10 minutes. She had a little episode of crying and we're not sure why, but wonder if it was because she missed us. When we came home she clung to me. She put her head on my shoulder and squeezed me like she had never done before. She would briefly look up and me and get a HUGE smile on her face and then snuggle her head back into my shoulder. It was the sweetest thing ever and I could tell she missed me!

She says mama and dada and imitates sounds. She pulls to stand and is starting to cruise holding on to furniture. She can walk with a push toy and climbs on EVERYTHING! She has no fear as far as safety is concerned is a daredevil! She eats table foods, and just recently came off the bottle completely! She uses a straw cup to drink her milk and water/juice. She still LOVES baths (perhaps too much) and soaks the entire bathroom from splashing! She is wearing 12-18 month clothes and weighing in just over 22 pounds (putting her only 4 pounds under Mila!).

We've made it through many of her initial medical appointments. We have ENT and hearing test next week, dentist in April, and airway clinic (to rule out any contributing factors that may cause her possible pulmonary hypertension), and that is about it FOR NOW. She checked out well with her eye appointment and we've decided not to have the biopsy to diagnose celiac disease. We plan to keep her gluten free either way so at this point it's not worth putting her back on gluten and causing her to be sick just to get the diagnosis.

Here are some pictures of Sofia JOY! I keep telling people had she been our first child she may have been our only ;) (said endearingly of course!)....she's...just....sooooooo......FULL OF LIFE AND ENERGY and so very wild! We love her like crazy!

Sofia DRAMAQUEEN (her middle name has been changed) HA

Make sure to check our family blog later, going to update that one now! 


  1. She looks great. You can sure tell her personality through the pictures. :)

  2. She is just as cute as a button! and so stylish :)

  3. Sofia Joy exudes pure 100% exuberance when she is happy! Priceless. And when she is unhappy - well, it is also 100% effort. She is darling and I thank you for sharing. Her pictures make me smile.


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