Videos of Sofia! And a List.....

Thought I'd share some cute videos of Sofia! 

She still LOVES LOVES LOVES playing in water. This scares the daylights out of me because she'd probably walk through fire to get to the bathtub (or another source of water)....neither of the other girls have that strong attraction to water, and this is another reason I can't sleep at night! HAHA 

And here is the wagon that we got for Mila for her birthday! Clearly you can see Sofia enjoys it more! I love Mila's little wave from the chair. If she could talk I'm pretty sure she'd say, "Thanks for the effort mom, but really you should know me well enough to know I would have much preferred a bag of Veggie Straws and a princess wand instead! Either way, I'm glad someone is getting use out of that thing!" 

And I thought it'd be fun to make a list of all the things I've found in Sofia's mouth over the past few weeks. She is so fast and sneaky:

Fire place gravel
Foil from a Hershey Kiss
Hair rubberband
An entire sock (yes her mouth is big)
Dog Food
Dryer Sheet

I'm sure there are more....and I obviously can't write about the ones I never even saw, but I haven't found any surprises in her diaper YET. I watch her like a hawk and she still manages to sneak some things past me! I'm gonna choose to look at this glass as half full and say "at least she doesn't have oral aversion issues because that would be much more stressful!" 

I have a couple more posts planned on this blog and then I'll be shutting it down and blogging only on 


  1. That girl must be lightening fast, oh boy, she's going to be so much fun when she's mobile and can run from you. LOL :)

  2. Ahhh the dog food one I understand! The entire sock is quite impressive!!!!


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