3 Months Home (The Many Faces of Sofia)

Sofia has been home for 3 months! I just asked Shawn "Are you sure? It seems like so much longer!" He agrees! She is doing SO WELL that we often forget she wasn't always here! She is 18 months old. Her personality has come to light even more in this past month. She definitely thinks she is the Queen of the house! She enjoys following Mila around EVERYWHERE, taking every toy Mila wants to play with, and crying if she's told no or corrected! And by crying I mean carrying on for a lonnnnng time as if she just lost a limb or something! Girl holds a grudge and definitely thinks she should not have any rules! She's a rule breaker for sure :)

My dad calls her Bruiser and really it's very fitting! She is s rough and tumble, loud and rough....much like a little boy! I laugh because if you remember we started this adoption process committed to a little boy....so God gave us our hearts desire in a way with Sofia here! We were trying to pick out pajamas for the girls and Shawn picked up a pair of boy pajamas all excited and thought they'd fit her perfectly! The shirt said "I like to crash things!" Oh, so perfect!

It will really be a miracle if we make it to her 2nd birthday with no trips to the ER! She has figured out just about how to climb out of her high chair if not buckled in. She can pull herself out of the jeep walker by walking over to the kitchen drawers, opening the third one up, and using her upper body strength to pull herself up and nearly out!!!! Seriously you guys, we are in SO.MUCH.TROUBLE with her! She is close to taking her first steps I believe, but until then she'll use anything and everything as a walker (kitchen chair, desk, push toys, baskets) to get to her destination faster than crawling! 

Giving me her classic "duckface"
She was being silly while I was feeding her dinner tonight, so I snapped some pictures! You can see her meatloaf (on her face and clothes) and some kiwi on her tray. She is a great eater, except she needs some work with the chewing part. She will chew/crunch hard foods, but soft foods like cheese or cooked veggies she will swallow whole. I actually had to give her the heimlich the other day and it scared the pants off me! Thankfully it worked and we avoided any real problems there. It's not the first time she choked but definitely the first time she needed that level of assistance! I tell ya, I'm learning to sleep with one eye open because this child is FEARLESS! 

 And this look, don't even get me started.....I am afraid of Sofia as a teenager after seeing this look! And seriously, she can give some DIIIIIRTY looks! No idea where she learned it!

More duckface! 
Even though her personality is so overwhelmingly FIERCE, she has moments of tenderness and moments where she really needs her mama and daddy! She has been going through a stranger-fear stage lately, which is a huge positive in this stage of the bonding game! She acts shy around new people who come to our house or when we are at a new place! It is so funny to see her go from wild and crazy to calm and needy, but I love it!! It shows me she is bonding with us and understands we are "her people!" 

Seriously, when she gets happy, her ENTIRE BODY shows her excitement! 

When I look at these pictures of Sofia I clearly see that bright mischievous spark in her eyes! Can't you? 

She recently had her early intervention evaluation and we'll be starting a couple formal therapies soon! 

Since they don't make bubbles for little kids, we may need to invest in a crash helmet for this little lady! 

To all of you with crazy little boys, I get it now :) 


  1. Love, love, LOVE the update with pics! She is a character! :)

  2. WOW! You can see the mischievous twinkle in this little one's eyes for sure!! She certainly is full of the JOY her name describes!! A precious live wire!!!! ((((HUGS)))!!!!

  3. I'm kinda shocked it's only been 3 months too! As someone who just reads your blogs, Sofia fit in so naturally with the other girls that it does seem she has been there the whole time. I'm so glad she has blended with your family so smoothly.

    It sounds like not only is she fearless,she's smart too. That is pretty impressive for her to figure out that whole pull herself up on the kitchen drawer thing. I don't know if she had ever gotten to be in a walker before, but I'm pretty sure she's just known about kitchen drawers for 3 months and she figured out how to get to them, open them and use them to her advantage that fast. Yep, you got your hands full for sure Mama!

    I hope y'all bought her the jammies. Even if they were boy colors, surely you could embellish them somehow to make them more girly!


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