Deanna and I have been slacking a little on getting this final post up....sorry! We are busy mamas trying our best to balance our time :) So we're finishing up this series with a brief list of some great foods and a little description on the bone broth we have talked a lot about!

Here is a list of some "super foods" that we like to use! Feel free to do some research on the products to see if it's an ingredient you might want to consider adding to your child's diet!

Pure Coconut Milk (the kind that comes in a can, not the carton. Native Forrest Brand has BPA free cans)
Blackstrap Molasses
Coconut Oil
Chia Seed
Raw Honey
Bone Broth!

So, speaking of Bone Broth!!! I truly believe this stuff can contribute to bringing adopted children (and all children and adults for that matter) to much better health! THIS IS A VERY GOOD ARTICLE TO READ to understand the benefits of bone broth, and find out exactly what bone broth is! It's certainly NOT the broth you buy in a can or a carton in the store!! It's really important to soak the bones in the water/vinegar as the first step of making bone broth...make sure you don't skip that step! We mostly use chicken bone broth here but every now and again I make beef bone broth. I've never made the fish one, though! If your child's no longer on a bottle, you can find lots of other ways to incorporate it! Any foods that you'd use water to make you can substitute the bone broth (mashed potatoes, rice, crock pot meals, etc.). I hope that link is helpful! We'd love to hear from some of you that have made changes since reading our posts!