Days to go....Oh my!

Today included checking some more items off the to do list like calling the credit card company and telling them we're going away and may be using our card internationally, printing photos for a photo album to take with us, organizing Zoya's clothes so she has something set to go for every day of school at least, pack baby bag and snacks, print out documents needed to take with us, packing snacks for school for Zoya to last her the next 5 weeks, and snuggling the sweet Zoya girl who I am going to miss terribly!

Other things on my to do list that I've done since we've gotten our travel date include:
Making 6 pounds of turkey burgers to freeze for Zoya, 3 pounds of hamburger casserole to freeze for Zoya, and 2 batches of gluten free banana and maple muffins to freeze, grocery shopping to make sure Zoya has everything she needs for when we are gone, shopping for household needs like paper towel, toilet paper, etc. so our wonderful babysitter doesn't need to worry about that, getting guardianship papers drawn up along with our will and power of attorney, packing, organizing paperwork that we need to take with us, making videos for zoya, cleaning the entire house (you still can't tell but if you look in closets and cupboards you'll see!), getting a Halloween costume together for Zoya, making up goodie bags for Zoya to open when we're gone, paying bills ahead, getting flu shots, packing medicine bag (also known as the portable pharmacy....being married to a pharmacist has its perks!), distributing candles from our candle fundraiser, contacting our cell phone service to get our phones turned on for international travel, typing up tons of information for Aunt Jen who is staying with Zoya (including her typical schedule, emergency information, anxiety strategies, lists of gluten free food ideas, medicine list, directions for taking care of the dog, and more!), buying some gifts for facilitators and orphanage staff, crushing and putting Zoya's daily vitamins/supplements in individual servings, taking fall coats to dry cleaners, and about a million more behind the scenes type things I can't even remember.

And about a million more things left to do! Are we seriously leaving on FRIDAY!!!!??????


  1. YAY! Enjoy every moment of the chaos that will lead you to your girl!


  2. So Soon! You sure do have a large list of things to take care of. Are you going to make your blog private while in country?

  3. You're doing a great job, all this work will definitely pay off by giving you some peace of mind.

    Saying prayers for all of you. I know how busy you are running around and spending every minute possible with Ms. Zoya.

    Hugs to you all.

  4. Just checking in and saw that you are leaving...oh my!!! Can't wait to follow along. Praying for a great trip and for everything to go smoothly with Zoya!!! I know she will miss you all...I just know it...but, in the end all for God's perfect plan.


  5. WOW sounds like you have been super busy. I have to admit that reading this made me super nervous... we have at least 5 months before we would travel (probably more like 7-9) and I am feeling overwhelmed LOL

  6. After reading all of this I kept thinking was "Phew""wow". :) Keeping you all in prayer! Can't wait to see travel pictures!


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