Day 9 in Country...

Some pictures of Mila's orphanage...

And the jelly bean herself.....
She loves Daddy's nose. She was nice and clean and we could tell her hair has just been washed. Look at it standing up!

Exploring her taggy blankie from Shelly

Check out her newborn slippers...look how huge they are.
They kept falling off and they were on top of jammies and thick socks!

Mila was feeling Daddy's voice as he sang to her. Zoya used to do the same thing to feel the vibration of our voices!

Sweet jelly bean!

I love her big ears and her pointy little chin!

She is always playing with her tongue!

See her arms? They are always moving around in funny positions.

Snugglin' Daddy but not taking her eyes off Mama!

Mila discovered her hands yesterday and she is fascinated by them!
She looks at them like where the heck did this come from?!

Oh my heart overflows with this precious gift!

She already knows she is loved!

Where did this thing come from?

Wait, now this is new too...what in the world is this thing? (She kept bouncing her foot and staring at it in amazement)

Snug as a bug....

Daddy's first time feeding baby girl

Bright eyes :)

Tiny hands...

She fell asleep with her hand over her mouth...sweet baby girl :)
We were noticing today how relaxed Mila is becoming. She is so stiff when the caregivers bring her out but she immediately relaxes when we hold her. Looking back at her airplane arms pictures I realize how much she is starting to relax. I honestly think she just had no idea how to be held. I think the airplane arms was/is her compensating for the lack of proper support. I love seeing her melt into us more and more each day. We only got to see her for the morning visit because today is Sunday. I miss her already! She was excited to see us this morning and her eyes got really big. She didn't seem quite as tired as usual this morning and even stayed awake a little after she got her bottle. She tends to breathe heavier after feeding, I'm not sure why. Maybe just because it's so much effort for her to eat?
She drank her bottle the best we have seen today. Maybe it's because Daddy was feeding her? ;) It probably also had something to do with the fact that they only put a little hole in the nipple instead of a gigantic one. I rocked her to sleep a little bit after her bottle and took her back to her crib. I can't wait until we are all home together. What a joyful day that will be!

I feel the need to ask for more prayer for little Miss Mila Hope. I'm hoping if you have a prayer list at church you could add her name with prayers for health and protection. We would truly appreciate it! I'm thinking a prayer chain schedule for our trip home would be fabulous, so Mila is covered in prayer the entire journey. If someone wanted to head that up and take emails from people and make a little schedule that would be fabulous! We cannot thank you all enough for your love. We are so blessed with each and every one of you!!!


  1. Oh My - The last picture is just so PRECIOUS!!!! I just can't believe how much she is changing and it comes across beautifully in all the pictures. WOW!!!!!! WE will all be praying for Health and Protection for sweet Mila Hope. Love you ALL!!!!

  2. One of these days I will make it through the pictures without crying! I can just picture her and Zoya together, they are going to be such great sisters! Continuing to pray for little miss Mila!

  3. It is wonderful that you get to have all those moments of discovery with dear Mila...and your pictures capture the joy. Tears of joy for all of you, Liz

  4. Sarah we would love to get a prayer chain going for sweet Mila. You can let people know to contact me via email and we will have this sweet angel bathed in sweet loving prayers.

  5. So much beauty in such a tiny package! Thank you for sharing your precious angel with us each day! What a blessing that she is responding so readily to your love!! And how could you NOT just love her to pieces!!???!?? Prayers and more prayers!

  6. Sweet Mila is already blossoming now that she has her mama and daddy there loving on her! Sarah, it kind of gave me chills that you specifically stated you feel the need to ask for more prayer for Mila because I got that feeling for the first time yesterday but of course, not only do you not know me but, I have no medical degree/background and also, I do not want to cause ANYONE needless worry so I stayed quiet. But now that YOU mention it, I just feel this sense of urgency and so I will pray and ask others that I know to pray. She is precious! How much longer do you guys have to stay in her country if I may ask?

  7. Her precious eyes just seem to have to much more vibrancy to them now in comparison to the first few pictures you shared. That proves just how much love and nurturing makes a difference!!! She is just a little doll. It will be a pleasure to pray for her health and wellbeing in addition to yours. God Bless you and prayers for a quick trip home. Zoya will be such a great big sister!!!

  8. Praying for sweet Mila and her mommy and daddy. Love the pictures. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I was also wondering, since I've never been through the adoption journey, what your next step is and what is the time frame for actually bringing sweet Mila home?
    I LOVED the picture of Mila resting on your shoulder. So glad to hear she is recognizing you now and enjoying all of your love!

  10. love her in yellow. and how great that you were there for one of her firsts, finding her hands and feet! my daycare baby Ian who has DS is 5 mo old and looks just like Mila :) breathes like that after he drinks his bottle his mom has had him checked out and they say it is normal that it's just due to low muscle tone. so don't get too worried it may just be normal for her too.

  11. Don't know how I missed this post must have been captivated by the videos you posted earlier!

    Definitely I'll do the prayer chain. Just let me know how to contact Shelly, I think she's the one who offered first to organize it.

  12. I love the baby mohawk! Claire had that when she was little so I'm awfully partial to sticking up baby hair!

    I am praying for Mila!

  13. We will be praying for you all as a family. Trusting in the Lord for a peaceful journey.
    Praying in Colorado

    BTW "I LOVE THE PHOTOS, she is just beautiful!"


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