No Court Date and Happy Birthday Bub!

Mila is working on her "surprise" pose...
 We told Mila it was her Uncle Bub's birthday and she gave a little smile:
 And this was her reaction when I told her she wouldn't be home in time to celebrate Bub's birthday:
 (either that or she was having gas pains LOL)

I told her we have plenty of birthdays to celebrate and she'll never miss one again and she seemed to cheer up a bit!


We missed our morning visit because we couldn't get a hold of our translator to call us a taxi to take us to the orphanage. We were hoping since her phone went right to her voice mail that meant she was in court meeting with the judge getting our court date. So the 4 of us sat together and waited. Finally I called our parent liason and then we finally got a call from our translator (who does a lot of our facilitation work too). She said she was sorry and that her phone had died...she had tried to get a court date but they are requesting another document which is currently in the capital city. Whenever it is done it will be put on a train to this region (as Jerad says, anyone have a fax machine around here? LOL). Then they will give us our date. Nobody seems to know how long this will take. We are praying, of course, for tomorrow.  It's starting to feel like groundhog day around here a little bit, which usually happens at about the 10 day mark. I have a real sense of urgency to get our little jelly bean home. Of course we miss Zoya so much it hurts, but my urgency is not for us to get back to her, it is a feeling of urgency to get Mila to the doctor. Oh how I wish I could just take her and run! God knows her need and we will just keep praying for a speedy process. We are still undecided if I will return home with shawn for the 10 day wait or if I will stay here. There are so many factors in that decision including when court falls, how many days our 10 day wait turns into (we know it will be at least 12 in this region), child care for Zoya, Shawn's work schedule, and on and on. We're in a little bit of a funk today just hanging out in this holding pattern so your thoughts and prayers are appreciated!


  1. The visible change in your sweet girl from your first post of her with pictures to this post with these pictures ... is amazing! Oh what the love of a mama and papa will do. Praying for speed in all of this so Mila can get the medical care she needs!

  2. I feel like I'm watching her come to life! Her eyes seem brighter every day!


  3. First, the pictures and commentary are very cute! Happy Birthday Bub!! Secondly, you are entitled to a little funk and exasperation. You are human and have the best reason in the world to be anxious for action!! But God's got it!! Press into him and know that every little bump is cushioned by his love for you and your precious Jelly Bean! Stay strong and know that prayers surround you! (((HUGS))) from RI~
    Anne B.

  4. Oh the many faces of little sweet Ms. Mila!

    Praying for the paperwork to arrive, a speedy court date, and that dreaded 10 day wait period to be over.

    Prayers coming your way as always!

    Oh and Happy Birthday to Uncle Bub!

  5. Not that it is my business, but I have a strong feeling that you should stay with Mila. I have no idea why, I just feel that way. Especially since she seems to be fragile... I guess it would be good for bonding with her too.

  6. Praying you get some good news soon! Nice to see Mila a little more comfortable sitting on your lap instead of needing to see your face, made me smile! Hope they get a better way of communication before you decide to do this again! :-)

    Sue M

  7. Waiting has to be one of life's most challenging tasks. I know perseverance builds character so I guess you'll be better for this--lol. Seriously, I know God has good plans for you all. You've seen His hand work in amazing ways that you did not ask for or even want so here you go again. Waiting and wondering and trusting in His promises. He won't let you down--that we KNOW>

  8. Oh, I know the feeling of the funk. Praying for a court date soon. Hope you are resting helps funkness.

    Stephanie Lynch

  9. PRAYERS here too!!! Oh she is such a gem! You guys look so natural together. I hope there is news today....the not knowing is SO HARD! You will get through this though, enjoy this very special bonding time with Mila.

    Oh..and both Joaquin and Sofia only have one hand with the single crease! Cool, huh???

  10. You know how "they" say, When one door closes, another one opens...well, I guess you are in the hallway and that is not the fun part! But keep enjoying every moment of this precious human life, and before you know it...the door will open. Looking forward to watching Zoya on the monitor today during my sitting time:-) Maybe I will get lucky and she will wake up a little early. Always praying for you...Liz


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