Laina's Locker: More Key Fob Choices

So far we've made $99 on Laina's locker! Remember, we are selling WEIGHTED BLANKETS and HAIR BOW HOLDERS! These are all great Christmas ideas and all proceeds will go directly toward Laina's adoption fund!

Teri sent me some pictures of her new materials she ordered to make custom key fobs for you! Check HERE to see what they look like and to see the large size and the smaller size. The large size will sell for $7.00 and the smaller size will sell for $5.00. Shipping is $2.00 per key fob or $3.00 for 2-3 key fobs! I have the larger size one (sent to me by Teri for Christmas) and I LOVE it, I don't know what I did without this thing! It is essential for mamas who always have their hands full!  Shawn has one of the smaller key fobs on his key chain and he just loves his too! These make great stocking stuffers! Christmas is only three and a half months away!! All proceeds will go to Laina's adoption expenses!

Below are some photos of the ribbons and webbing that Teri has available. If you see something you like, leave a comment, or email me at spbasile at gmail dot com. I will number the pictures, so when ordering, please refer to the number(s) of the picture(s) and let me know your selection within each picture! Some of the ribbons show up in more than one picture because Teri paired them up with the webbing she thought looked good, but any can be mixed and matched! Please let me know if you have any questions!!

1. Pink/Brown Ribbon, Pink/Black/White Ribbon, Brown Webbing, Brown/Blue Ribbon

2. Tan Webbing, Green/White/Tan Ribbon, Black Webbing

3. Light Blue Webbing, Blue/Tan Ribbon, Blue/White Ribbon
4. Light Pink Webbing, Red/Pink/White Ribbon, Pink/Green Ribbon, Pink/Dark Pink Ribbon

5. Black Webbing, Black/White/Grey Ribbon, Soccer Ball Ribbon,
Pink/White/Black Ribbon, Black/White/Dark Pink Ribbon

6. Pink/Dark Pink Ribbon, Dark Pink Webbing,
Green/Purple/White/Pink Ribbon, Pink/Green Ribbon

7. Dark Purple/White Dot Ribbon, Purple Webbing, Green/Purple/White/Pink Ribbon,
Pink/Green Ribbon, Green Stripe Ribbon

8. Burberry Ribbon (LOVE this one) with red webbing

9. Yellow Webbing, Pink/Yellow/Blue/Green Ribbon, Aqua Blue Webbing

10. White Webbing/Dark Purple and White Dot Ribbon, Soccer Ball Ribon,
Green Striped Ribbon, Light Green Dot Ribbon 


  1. I have posted this to my FB page and am asking everyone to pass the word that orders are now being taken. Mix and match ribbons and webbing while supplies last! Thanks to all the people who have already ordered, I'm busy working on the orders today and tomorrow and will have them in the mail no later than Saturday! :)

    Thank you thank you thank you, for helping to get this little girl home to her awesome family.

  2. I would like the #1 with pink & brown in size small and then #8 (red is my favorite) in size large.


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